Encryption of Gator watch

Encryption of Gator watches

This is how you encrypt your Gator watch. This is necessary if you want to add the watch to TeleGapp.

1. Click the "Download" button.
2. Follow the instruction manual step by step.
3. Remember to turn off "Firewall" and any anti virus system running on your computer before starting to encrypt.
4. For Gator 2, use the charging cable to connect the watch and the computer. For Gator 3 watch, use a mini USB cable to connect watch and computer(The charging cable for Gator3 will not work)

Frequently asked questions about encryption.

Step 1: Leftclick on «File Explorer»

Step 2: Left click on «This PC»

Step 3: Double Leftclick on «Downloads»

Step 4: Right Click on “Krypteringsfiler” (wrong file in picture) and click “Extract files…”

Step 5: Click «Browse»

Step 6: Leftclick on «Desktop» as shown on picture

Step 7: Leftclick on “Choose Folder”

Step 8: Leftclick on «Extract»

Step 9: Wait until this process is done.

Step 10: Double click the folder «GT06»

Step 11: Double click the folder «PL2303_WIN7»

Step 12: Double Click the file(optional: Right click and «Run as administrator») «PL2303_Prolific_DriverInstaller_v110» Click «Yes» on the Pop-up and follow the process.

Step 13: Og back by clicking the arrow as show under:

Step 14: Double click the folder «USB Driver»

Step 15: Double click «InstallDriver» As shown on the picture below Then you click «Yes» on the pop-up again. A black pop-up will appear and disappear on the screen.

Step 16: Og back by Clicking the arrow as shown under:

Step 17: Double Leftclick on the folder «FlashTool_v5.1624.00»

Step 18: Scroll down till you see the program «Flash_Tool» with the symbol of a red arrow as shown under, then right click it and «Run as Administrator»

Step 19: Click «Options»

Step 20: Check the «USB Download/Readback». If it doesn’t have a “V” behind you need to click it so it is enabled.

Step 21: Then Click «Format Fat» and a menu should appear.

Step 22: Click «Format Fat» as shown under and click “OK” to the right.

Step 23: Then Click«Options» again and hover the mouse arrow over «Backup and Restore (No Action)» And Click “Backup -> Download/Format -> Restore» As shown under. Also check “Transmission options” and ensure “USB 2.0” is disabled.

Step 24: Then click «Scatter/Config File» In upper left corner as shown under:

Step 25:click the «Desktop» button to the left as shown under and then double left click the «GT06» Folder

Step 26: Then double left click the «Gator3» Folder or «Gator2» folder which depends on which watch you have.

Step 27: Then Double click the «Gator3 Kryptering/Gator2 Kryptering» Folder

Step 28: Then Double left click the file «HEXING76_ORANGE_11A_BB(Gator3) og GXQ61D_PTCRB_11C_BB.cfg(Gator2)»

Step 29: Then it will look something like this: (This picture is for Gator3 watch, If you have Gator2 only 4 files will appear.

Step 30: Then Click «Download» As shown under:

Step 31: Now turn off the watch and connect it to the computer after it is turned off.(Gator2 should use the charger cable while Gator3 watches need an android cable that enables update/file transfer, we recommend Samsung or sony cables, the cable that follows watch will not work.

Step 32: When the Counter marked on picture starts you just wait until this process is done. It takes between 1min-6min. IMPORTANT: Ensure that the watch does not lose contact under this process, this will destroy the watch firmware.

Step 33: When this green circle appears the watch is done encrypting

Frequently asked questions encryption

FAQ Encryption

I get error message when launching Flash_tool

Are you sure you are logged in as admin on the computer? Is the firewall turned off? Is the anti virus program turned off? Are you using the right cable?

How do I know when my watch is encrypted?

If you get the green circle on the end of the encryption it should be encrypted. You can also be sure when you can add the watch to the app and everything is working as it should.

How do I turn off the firewall?

Open up the start menu on your computer. Type in firewall in the search engine, and click the one with "Control panel" written beneath it. Then click the link on the left menu saying: Turn firewall on or off. Then you turn it off. Remember to turn it back on after you have finished the whole encryption process.

How do I run the flash_tool as admin?

Right click on the Flash_tool program and click "Run as administrator"